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Ecosys was born out of a dream to contribute to the growing manufacturing sector in the country. Our business comprises of two verticals, namely, PLC Control Panels, PLC Automation Panel and LED Lighting Solutions through which we strive to offer our customers state of the art PLC automation and PLC Control Panels manufacturing and LED lighting projects.

Industrial Automation

We offer complete PLC automation solutions with a focus on PLC-based control panels in India and abroad. We have a long experience of partnering with machine manufacturers (OEMs) in the packaging, pharmaceuticals and Special Purpose Machine industries
Hot Products
ACS550-01 Drives (0.75…160 kW) (1HP...200hp). ACS350-01 Drives (0.75…160 kW)(1HP...200hp). ACS800-01 Drives (0.75…160 kW)(1HP...200hp) And many more.