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VFD & AC Drives
VFD & AC Drives are designed and manufactured by making use of premium-grade raw materials. Energy savings can be significant when a pump's speed is controlled rather than flowing through the use of throttling valves. They are very effective and economical.
INVT AC DRIVES are dependable and simple to use and meet all standards. Reduce energy consumption and increase energy production efficiency. Mechanical stress in motor control applications is reduced. These drives are very easy to install and simple to operate. 
DELTA AC DRIVES feature open and closed-loop vector control and is rated to generate consistent torque. They have grown quickly, leveraging our strong position in power electronics expertise. These drives offer a high-speed output of 2000 Hz that may be factory configured at the customer's desire.
Process Controllers & Instruments
Process Controllers & Instruments act as a device that monitors or manipulates physical factors in a process, such as flow, temperature, level, and pressure. These are used for determining the value or magnitude of a quantity or variable is referred to as an instrument. Instrumentation is the foundation for process control. 
Human Machine Interface (HMI)
Human Machine interfaces (HMI) increase the efficiency of many manufacturing processes, resulting in increased output. Although humans can execute the majority of the jobs performed by this technology, manual procedures take longer and are less effective. They are very effective as well as economical to use. 
Switchgears are an arrangement of electrical disconnect switches, circuit breakers, and fuses used to safeguard, regulate, and isolate electrical devices in an electric power system. These gears are very easy to install and simple to use. They are available at nominal pricing too. 
Siemens PLC
Siemens PLC decreases costs, saves time, and improves performance by eliminating the chance of human mistakes. To perform the work in the industrial process or machinery, the PLC continually monitors and receives information from input devices or sensors, processes the information, and triggers the linked output devices.
Allen Bradley PLC
Allen Bradley PLC is used to operate various electro-mechanical processes in manufacturing, factories, and other automation settings. They are designed to handle complicated, multi-stage activities in real-time. The stockholders are only liable to a certain extent. They have more negotiating power with suppliers on pricing.
SIEMENS AC DRIVES can employ a normal, low-cost three-phase AC induction motor. Requires relatively little upkeep. The motor speed is exactly proportional to the voltage given to the armature with DC drives. During part-load operation, the AC drive saves energy. 
Allen Bradley Powerflex  AC VFD
Allen Bradley Powerflex AC VFD provides a cost-effective, general-purpose solution for applications requiring speed control and easy system integration. They offer a wide range of features and application-specific settings. For lifting, oil wells, and speed and positioning applications, these drives provide application-specific features and parameters.
Mitsubishi AC Drives
Mitsubishi AC Drives are ideal for a variety of simple tasks such as fan and pump control, but it also excels in more complex and demanding applications. These drives also continue the tradition of maintenance-free operation and long service life.
YASKAWA AC DRIVES use the most recent technological breakthroughs in AC motor speed control, which have been made possible by the expertise and a commitment to excellence in design and production. Drives can be used in any automation application in an industrial facility.